Friday, 29 September 2017

A Weekend at Tauranga

We took a really quick road trip down to Tauranga, New Zealand the past weekend. It was decided on a whim, really, but I guess even we stay-at-home moms would fancy a little getaway once in a while.

We stayed at Cutterscove Apartment, which has great amenities, such as pools, gym, tennis court, even a mini golf course. The beach is also right across the street from it, the sand and sea were actually the view from our room. We really did make full use of the hotel hahaha, only exploring the outside world on the second day.

That's my younger sister in the photos, she claims to be 'really aesthetic'. These are just photos from the second day, when we were about to make the drive back home. I hope that explains why my daughter is very dressed up and I look like a hobo in most of the pictures.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

70 Hours In Melbourne

We took a short family trip to Melbourne just to get a break from my husband's busy schedule, and also to see how our baby would do on an airplane. She did well for a short haul flight, of course it wasn't lacking of tears but hey, it's a start!

We stayed at the Oaks On Market, which is located in the central business district of Melbourne so it wasn't hard to get around. We also managed to get one night (out of three) free of charge, which was definitely a plus!


We basically did a whole ton of shopping whilst we were there and not as much sightseeing as I wanted to. I had planned an itinerary for us however it revolved quite heavily on the Uber app, which failed us as for some reason it wouldn't take our cards.

If you are planning to visit Australia any time soon, you're gonna wanna keep this in mind. We used GoCatch to get around and Deliveroo for food deliveries.


It was also Lexi's first time to get on a bus! You could tell she was really excited about it because she kept trying to roam about in our cramped seats and smiling at everyone that looks our way. We were on our way to Chadstone to visit the Lego store and do a little more shopping.

We had caught the 3pm shuttle back home from Chadstone as we had literally shopped till we dropped. Since we had tons of time to kill, we decided to go for a swim at the hotel right before dinner. We had actually planned to get her so tired so that me and Kendall could have a peaceful meal together. 

It was also Lexi's first time swimming; we were ticking off lots of firsts on this trip!


After checking out and leaving our belongings with the concierge,  we headed down the street to the SEALife aquarium, which Lexi thoroughly enjoyed. Of course I had a blast myself because I'm an even bigger kid than she is!

We snuck in some last minute shopping, where Kendall got me the pair of shoes I've been wanting for months now! I've got a whole separate post on them because omg do they deserve it. Also, I've got to mention how great the baby facilities are in this city hahaha, I get excited about such mom things now! 

That concludes our short trip to Melbourne!

Can I just mention how much I enjoyed the service of Air New Zealand's staff in Australia? They were ever so gracious and very delightful to converse with! Hands down my favourite airlines to fly with.


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